Southern Borewell's Quality Policy is
"providing higher value products and services to meet customers'
expectations and needs"

SBL's quality assurance process integrates a system of continual product and process verifications to exacting standards and requirements.

SBL has initiated several new quality methods and ensures compliance to the same during each stage of functioning. Its quality practices are relevant to Indian and International standards.

As far as Rigs are concerned, vehicle chasis, compressor, hydraulic mounting equipment and body building materials etc., will be indigenously bought and will be converted as a rig by proper assembly, mounting and fabrication under proper technical supervision. Along with each rig, some critical and necessary spares have to be mandatory supplied.

Similarly in the case of Generators, engine, alternator, control panels and other required items will be bought, duly assembled and converted into a generator under proper technical supervision.

We never compromise in quality ...